Visual Management: Eyes on Performance is uniquely positioned to help your workplace (whether it is a department or a multi-site organization) design and implement a visual management system. We work with you from the initial readiness assessment, to design and implementation of the system, and then to reassessment and renewal of the process. We serve our clients through direct consultation for the entire process or in an advisory capacity where that is indicated. Whatever your level of need, we can support your improvement efforts!

Strategic Planning: Our strategic planning services help organizations identify where they want to go and how best to get there. We help clients clarify their mission, vision, and goals and align their operating systems to best achieve their goals. We use multiple methods in our strategic consulting to support the planning efforts of our clients. We believe that strategy must be consistent with the capabilities of the organization, and work with our clients to ensure planning and operating synergies.

Leadership: At Eyes on Performance, we specialize in development and assessment of leadership systems as well as leadership training and education. We also provide executive and managerial coaching for groups or individuals. Our experience in leadership coaching includes manufacturing, service, education, and government work environments. We work with leaders at all levels in the organization to build and enhance critical skills for success. In addition, we provide specialized consulting and training services for supervisors.

Performance Management: Eyes on Performance team is committed to performance improvement in organizations. Our mission is to improve business results through visual strategies, and we know how to gain those results through a variety of mechanisms. We deal with performance from the individual or small group perspective as well as from an organization-wide stance. In addition to the system-wide application of visual management, we understand and integrate other performance improvement mechanisms into our client organizations. This customized service can be used in conjunction with our other services, or can be a stand-alone process.

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